The Solution

One-Click Admin

With Acting Admin, your users are only local admin when they need to be.

It's fast and simple, yet secure.

monitor activities

Remain in control while
your users keep their freedom.

Keep track of application installations and processes started as admin.

Free Trial Period

In order to make sure that Acting Admin is the right product for your company,
we provide a free trial.

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Why avoid Local Administrators?

Your users will install software

  • Most malware comes with software installs
  • If your software is not licensed, you can get license violation penalties
  • Unmaintained software poses a security threat

Your users might change the settings of their computer

  • Turn off antivirus
  • Uninstall security software
  • Change Group Policy settings
  • Modify system files

Why do we still have Local Administrators?

In many organizations, it is a Business Requirement to allow some users to be in control of their client. Your users might need to perform a task as an administrator and cannot wait for the IT department to handle each case.

Scenarios where local administrative privileges are needed

  • Some applications might require admin privileges to work properly
  • Install software that is not handled by IT-department
  • Install peripherals such as printers
  • Work outside business hours when IT support is not available

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Customize for your needs

Acting Admin is highly configurable.

Customize the product to fit your requirements either through our Cloud-portal, or using Group Policy.



Stay in Control

We provide a real-time overview of local admin-activities.

Monitor application installations and local admin-processes as they happen. Go back in time and audit previous elevated sessions.



Gain Insights

Get invaluable information of user behavior with our interactive reports.

Use this insight to further reduce the need for local administrators in your environment.